Anchors Away: WCSH’s Jackie Ward Answers 6 Questions

Jackie Ward
Jackie Ward

Anchors Away is our continuing series looking at television journalists who are finding a new market for their unique skills, or putting them to use in a brand new way. In this inaugural installment, we check in with Jackie Ward, an anchor at WCSH in Portland, Maine.

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Pushing Pause: On Going When Ready

Grandpa and Grandma Munson
Dale and Mable Munson in an undated photo.

My grandmother, Mable Munson, died June 9, 2015, at the age of 95. An oversight at the cemetery struck me as rather consistent with how Gram had lived.


It hadn’t occurred to many of us at the cemetery that there was no pile of fresh dirt, nor any preserved squares of sod, anywhere near Gram’s casket.

The absence we felt was mostly that of my grandmother. She had, at 95, been omnipresent. Through marriages, deaths, divorces, births, remarriages, she — and her faith — had been steadfast. She had always been there with her sage sayings and quiet humor. Continue reading